Bilingual Talks | Ep. 15 with Adrien | French + Korean

Hyunwoo Sun from Talk to Me in Korean amazingly also speaks a bunch of other languages, including French. I absolutely love his video series on Youtube called “Bilingual (and sometimes Trilingual) Talks”, in which he holds conversations that seamlessly switch between two or three different languages. This one is French/Korean, but other videos have covered Spanish, Japanese, and Chinese, as well.

I could literally listen to this all day.


3 thoughts on “Bilingual Talks | Ep. 15 with Adrien | French + Korean

    • Hmm… I guess it’d be productive to set some sort of timeline, but I haven’t really thought about it…I’m hoping it’ll be a lifelong quest anyway. It all started with k-dramas/k-pop, but to be honest, I also just really love the way Korean sounds when spoken. What about you? And thanks for visiting!

      • Yes, I really enjoy the way the language sounds. I’ve been watching k-dramas/k-movies since 2009. There used to be a site called mysoju that had many selections of Korean entertainment. Then I switched over to drama fever and Viki. As I’m typing this response, I’m trying to challenge myself to translate this Korean text into English. I want to visit SK some time after I graduate from college, which will be in another year.

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