Vocab: Iced Coffee


I picked up an iced coffee on the way home today and immediately fell in love with the beverage’s intermingling colors and textures. Obviously, the rational next step is Instagramming a close-up. But now it’s a quick vocab study, too!

CN | 冰咖啡 | bīng kāfēi

KR | 아이스 커피 | aiseu keopi

FR | café glacé

When I was looking for iced coffee in French, I came upon this About.com page on ordering coffee in France…

In the unlikely event that you find a place serving iced coffee…

Is iced coffee not a thing in France?


6 thoughts on “Vocab: Iced Coffee

  1. I’ve learned quite a bit of Korea vocab by watching dramas and listening to kpop. It’s always good to come across a refreshing blog about Korean things.

  2. American and French coffee culture can be pretty different, though, different people have different tastes. I’m sure they have iced coffee in France, but it’s not drunk as an everyday thing like it is in the States. Another difference in coffee culture is how much coffee is consumed. Some French colleagues of mine said they were surprised to see how much coffee Americans order in the morning and how they can drink it on the go, rather than sitting and enjoying a small cup.

    • Oo I see. Yeah, there’ve been mornings where I was absolutely flabbergasted at how huge coworkers’ iced coffees are. I don’t even like coffee but order iced coffee/mocha sometimes randomly for fun — it’s like a distraction…prize(?) for having to walk for a while… :X

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