French, in a conflict zone

I’ve been following the ISIS situation closely and one particular element, which has come to light much more in recent months, has especially captured my attention. I’m talking about the fact that citizens from Western nations are fleeing their home countries and families to join ISIS in Syria. A good portion of these people are young women going over to marry and start families with ISIS fighters — many more details on this over here.

And now, in a chilling new video commissioned by French public tv station France 2, a daring Syrian woman wears a hidden camera under her niqab and gives us a glimpse of life under ISIS rule.

Towards the end of the video, you see a woman in an Internet cafe and then you hear her fluent French. She tells her loved one on the other end of the line: faut se mettre dans la tête que je ne vais pas revenir.

“You have to get it through your head that I am not returning.”

(Video is in French)


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