5 Intriguing Words


…from the last several weeks.

  • réalisateur | FR | film director—I just love it. Conveys so much more than “director”. The réalisateur turns a vision into reality! 
  • milquetoast | EN | a timid, meek, or unassertive person—Do not remember where I saw this. Just knew I didn’t know it. Apparently origin is “Caspar Milquetoast, a diffident character in H. T. Webster’s comic strip The Timid Soul.”
  • sacrebleu | FR | an ancient, stereotypical French curse used to express anger or surprise—apparently no one in France uses this anymore; more common are Oh la vache! (holy cow!), merde! (sh*t!), and putain! (f*ck!)…not to be confused with Putin 😉 Much more on this here.
  • bête noire | EN via FR | a person or thing that someone really dislikes; pet peeve—it literally means “black beast.” 
  • 麻辣鸡, málà jī | CN | NICKI. FREAKIN’. MINAJ.—ok, what I think is happening is…the Chinese media dubbed Nicki Minaj 麻辣鸡 (málà jī) which literally means numb/spicy chicken…Maybe they couldn’t help it because Minaj is kiiiiiinda like málà jī and Nicki is just a “spicy hot badass chick”!? I don’t know…but I am very fascinated…Google search results for 辣鸡

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