A trip to Albertine (finally!)


Last weekend, I finally got around to visiting Albertine, the new-ish bookstore and reading room housed in Manhattan’s historic Payne Whitney mansion, which has served the cultural services of the French Embassy since the 1950s. Conceived as a project to bridge the French and American cultures through books/humanities/general intellectual deliciousness, Albertine carries 14,000 titles in French and English and hosts special events like discussions, book signings, and story hours. While I aspire to partake in those alluring offerings later on, my first visit consisted of a quick stroll through the place, which was intimate and well-heated, and well, getting really hypnotized by the gorgeous indigo-and-gold ceiling on the second floor (details on the design of that here).

IMG_4729 IMG_4733 IMG_4738

As I browsed the shelves one by one, I did feel a little out of place, mainly because I was hearing so much French spoken around me! Is this where cool French people of NYC come hang out? There were also quite a few families with adorable, French-speaking children…maman! papa! were heard all around (there’s a children’s/young-adult section upstairs.) I definitely enjoyed that. The second floor also had a few glass-enclosed shelves of really old and crusty volumes of classic French books (think Voltaire and Balzac, though I neglected to jot down specifics) that were selling for thousands of dollars…so maybe they’re rare original copies/first editions?

Anyway, I knew I wanted to leave with something, but since I only understood, I don’t know, 39 percent of whatever I was reading, it was really hard to process book synopses and discern what ~intrigues~ me. After much mulling, I got myself a 5th-grade-level book called Un Écrivain à la MaisonÉcrivain! Maison! A writer at home? From what I can gather from the back cover, it’s about a group of students organizing a literary salon. I think I can dig that. (I’ve read two — very short–chapters so far and have already consulted Google/translate many times.)


After I checked out and made my exit, I noticed there was a room to the left that was, uh, quite spectacular. Just look at it. What a time capsule…

Processed with VSCOcam with c1 preset

Oh man, just noticed you can see me in the reflection…and with that, I’m out!


One thought on “A trip to Albertine (finally!)

  1. I love Albertine! Such a beautiful bookstore. I hadn’t noticed that crazy mirrored room when I was there – will check it out on my next visit. Let me know if you like “Un Écrivain à la Maison.” I, too, am in the market for French books on the fifth grade reading level. 🙂

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