5 Reasons You Should Watch Age of Youth/청춘시대/Hello My Twenties!

I can’t remember the last Korean drama I finished (not even Descendants of the Sun, gasp!) before this one, so I’m feeling pretty strongly about this right now—”this” being the 16-episode Age of Youth, which is currently on Netflix as “Hello My Twenties!”

Getting right into it…

  1. Starting with a reason relevant to this blog: It is excellent for learning everyday Korean. This is not about boardroom battles, crime-busting action sequences, or emergency room do-or-die moments. It’s about five girls living together in one house—going to work, going to school, coming back home, fighting about things, talking about romantic interests, all the good stuff! So you get to hear authentic dialogue at authentic speeds about slice-of-life things.
  2. On that note, it’s definitely not the k-drama you’re probably used to. Spoiler: Nobody got switched at birth, no amnesia, no super rich guy with a super tough mom. There are dramatic plot points that sometimes seem like too much, but they’re still presented in a realistic way.
  3. In fact, it might literally be unlike any k-drama you’ve seen…if you tend to stick to highly-anticipated productions from big national networks like KBS, SBS, and MBC. Age of Youth is a cable network (JTBC) show, which means it dares to get a little more risqué, at least in the themes introduced.
  4. Who doesn’t love a great female ensemble??? Like in Sex and the City or Ode to Joy/欢乐颂  (awesome Chinese drama, btw), the ladies here all have such different personalities but you will feel for each of them by the end. Nobody’s perfect, but everyone has their reasons…is the big idea.
  5. It’s stylishly indie! From the music to the special effects, it has the feel of a breezy, mystical spring day, which I can’t get enough of.

In short, much recommended! I’ll definitely be re-watching.

Signing off with a couple of faves from the OST…(the visual in the second one is not from the show.)


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