Things Chinese parents say to their kids

Inspired by a post I reblogged from Tumblr (“Things French parents say to their kids“), here are some phrases I grew up hearing…which I think are more or less common Chinese-parent-isms?

When you do something they don’t approve of… 

不听老人言, 吃亏在眼前  |  Bù tīng lǎorén yán, chīkuī zài yǎnqián

Don’t listen to elder’s words? Suffering is right in sight.

When you get in their way…  

好狗不挡路   |   Hǎo gǒu bù dǎng lù

Good dogs don’t block the road.

When you sleep in (maybe too much)…  

太阳晒到屁股了  |   Tàiyáng shài dào pìgule

Sunshine has reached your butt!

When you grumble about why you didn’t choose a more lucrative field: 

鸡走鸡路, 鸦走鸦路   |  Jī zǒu jī lù, yā zǒu yā lù

Chickens walk the chicken road, ducks walk the duck road.

When you complain in general…

生在福中不知福   |  Shēng zài fú zhōng bùzhī fú

You were born in blessings but you don’t even know what blessing is.

When you disappoint them in any way… 

养你真是白养了   |   Yǎng nǐ zhēnshi bái yǎngle

I raised you for nothing!

When summer is almost over…

该收心了   |   Gāi shōu xīnle

It’s time to reel in your heart.

Did I miss anything? Comment below! 

Top image via Abbao




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