I’m a writer/editor/serial-blogger based in New York City, where I luckily get to hear all kinds of foreign languages on the street on the daily—hooray! To me, being able to understand a language (and all the ways it shapes a culture) is like a superpower and in this life, I’d love to have several of those  😉

Having spent my first 10 years in China and 15 (and counting) in the U.S., English and Chinese are the most familiar to me. But there’s so much room to grow in each: English, because I currently write for a living so there’s endless room to “hone my craft”; and Chinese, well…I’m still stuck in the second grade wherever reading and writing are concerned, despite having taken Chinese classes in college…you really can’t stop learning.

Beyond these two sort-of-native languages, I aspire to know French (studied for four years in high school), Korean (self-studied on and off since discovering k-pop in ~2004), and Swedish (a still nascent fascination…)

I’ve never been the kind of person to be shameless about trying to speak in a foreign language, even though that is exactly what it takes to be good and efficient at it. But I hope by keeping this blog regularly, documenting how I’m learning and what I discover along the way, I’ll be motivated to keep going and get there in the ways that I know how.

Have a thought to share? I can be reached at burnofthetongue@gmail.com



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